I’ve struggled recently with lofty goals versus domestic bliss. Not one to be satisfied easily, I set the bar high for myself. Recently, I’ve grumbled about my performance: too many little mistakes, too many good but not great moments, too little to show for my effort at the end of the day. This attitude may be the primary culprit in the mysterious theft of summer chez nous.

It may also contribute to the missing blogging. As I read in stolen moments, other bloggers and authors wow me with their reflections and ideas. It makes me question what I really contribute to the consolidated written morass that fills the Internet.

All of that aside, we’re focused on living right now – and there’s enough work crazy right now to make that a huge effort! So Dave and I made a pact: to go away for a weekend without children. Let’s be honest – this was not a super fun summer. We’re tired and miss spending time together that doesn’t include bottles and binkies and diapers and temper tantrums; even time that doesn’t include sticky little hand hugs or blown kisses or nighttime routines (some of my personal faves).

So we decided to get brave and ask our personal hero, Brittney. The conversation went something like this:

Brittney, would you ever consider staying with the kids over a weekend? You don’t have to answer right aw-

Sure! Sounds fun.

To complete the scene, picture me at this point with my jaw hanging down like a guppy.

I figured she might be open to the idea, but “fun”?! What?!

So we’re slowly opening up to the idea of a few days away from the kiddos. We’ve no idea what we want to do or where – but a few days of sleep, quiet and calm sound amazing. We’ll keep you posted!

Now – to focus on the wunderkinds! Remy slept 10.5 hours last night. The joy and relief cannot be measured. I now carry phenomenal ambition for him to be a sleepy bear of a toddler. Cross your everything.

And Tess? Tess graduated from occupational therapy today! Her fear and vestibular concerns have disappeared, so we’ve got one more checkup in a month but that’s more a safeguard. To top it off, she ate soup with a spoon. We both got a restorative broth bath, but some of it made it into her mouth. Tess rocks!

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  1. Good for you! I think it’s important to have some time away from the kiddos, to enjoy yourself and each other without the immediate pressing concerns of little ones. I hope you have an amazing weekend. Love!

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