Plus Nugget Minus Mom

Tess is a GIANT! I walked in and found her fully engaged in a football game.  Sassy and Aunt Sue hung out with her while my 11 hour Airport day came to a boring conclusion.  It was so good to hold her again.

Somewhere over the Pacific is one (hopefully sleeping) Maggey, fitfully thinking about her little nugget Tess.  It was an amazing week in San Diego.  Maggey and I had a moment last night over dinner where we realized that, for the first time in forever, we were not worried about Tess and/or Stella!  It was glorious!  Our heros of the week: Cathy and Mike for taking such good care of Tess, Max and Patty (and Liam) for watching Stella, and Natalie and Brittany for putting up with it all!

So, for the next two weeks, Maggey will be checking in as often as she can, but I get the dubious honor making sure that everything gets done.  So, for the checklist.

1 Nugget – sleeping in her crib. Diaper changed, swaddled, and sighing.

1 Dog – fed, watered, snuggled away for the evening.

1 Honey’Do list – well underway.

1 Blog post – finished.

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