So Dave said something very smart yesterday as I continued to mope. (I married him for his looks and heart – the smarts are just an added bonus!)

What can we do about it, Mags?

I may have responded with a sulky


but here it is, a Dave gem:

No – we can get organized!

For those of you who know me well, I really like to be organized. Planning a trip is almost as fun as going; putting our photos into an album every year is as incredible as capturing the moment. I like having a plan. When it comes to emergencies and hospitals, i need to have a plan. Did I mention Dave is devious and knows my triggers?

So this launched me out of the doldrums and into action. I started researching whether it makes sense to drive our car down (it doesn’t), whether we need to stay at Ron McD or can rent a condo (Ron McD 45 min away and no guaranteed room, no availability elsewhere = biggest problem), whether we can stick to the original plan of Rose and Dan daughter intervention and quality time (yes! Why not?), and most importantly, whether my doldrums match the scenario (They don’t. Flashbacks.) so I guess I’ve finally arrived where our family keeps telling us we are – okay. Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Cheri, Caela, Rose, Andrew, Leah, Sue – our hordes did what they do best. And we’ll simply do what we do best – hold onto the bronco for as long as possible. Even better: baby is still in the belly, and we’ve got another 5 days under our collective belt.

In the meantime, if anyone needs a house sitter in Boca Raton or around those parts for unspecified winter dates, let us know! (I’m holding my breath. Really.) Now that we’re actually looking, that is a huge snarl. 🙁 Rooms in Florida are less popular in March.

So packing this weekend! More importantly, we’ve cheered up. So thanks to everyone. Looking forward to some crazy adventures yet again!

So I feel we may be working ourselves back into serial blogging. I wrote this, talked to my mom, and went to take a shower. By the time I washed my hair, she’d contacted a friend with ties to Boca who can arrange a long-term hotel room for us. Andrea and Jim, I don’t know how to say thank you for something that big. Now we’re ready for deuce: rental car, hotel room, car seat, and the best people in the world.

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