What a week! With one parent totally under water at work (me) and the other parent covering evenings and doctor’s visits (Dave), I think we both were relieved to reach the end of the week in one piece. This parental balancing act is a little rickety in weeks like this: forgetting the nanny’s early departure Monday due to an exam (she passed!), having a whole day where I didn’t get to see Tess (cried a lot), welcoming Dave’s parents by telling them they were on their own for 4 hours (I was stricken; Dave insisted they were adults and didn’t need us to leave work when it was impossible), and a whackadoo schedule for Tess. Yikes. That’s okay though. Friday my team returned to their respective homes in other states, and we got some quality family time.

Getting to see Rose and Dan meet Tess for the first time was one of the most joyful moments of my life. I know it’s hard for them to read about family dinners and see all these photos of my parents playing with her; they’ve been so patient and wanted to let us get settled. It makes me wish there were a way to have less distance between us – without moving of course. Still, it made me remember when Dad’s parents would come visit. All of us kids would get so excited, and try to share everything that had happened since their last visit in the first hour. (In hindsight, they had the patience of saints!) Rose and Dan may not be here every day, but when they visit, it’s an event and we get to totally concentrate on them. That’s cool too.

At any rate, they have totally won the nugget over. Watching them hold her, make her smile, slip easily into changing diapers or grabbing a bottle – it just feels like they’ve been part of this the whole time. Of course, that’s how it felt to me when I met them! Having Sam join us last night just made it ten times better. The quips and laughter were flying! We had a great dinner cooked up by Dan and Dave, followed by a relaxed night of stories and gentle mockery around the kitchen table. I think we were all in heaven. 🙂

Sadly, our ingenious sleeping arrangements weren’t quite as smart as they seemed at midnight. We put Sam in Tess’ room (twin bed, not crib. Don’t tempt me.) Unfortunately, Tess + bassinet = no sleep for her or her parents. She woke us up howling a record 6 times last night. The prettiest bassinet in the world is clearly meant for our other children; Tess wants none of it. As a trial run, suggested by award-winning daddy who got up with the miserable princess all night , we tried putting her in the travel bassinet we got for the trip home from Salt Lake this morning. Just a little mesh bed – nothing fancy. She was out in 5 minutes. Lesson learned: an infant’s opinions on such things shod be taken under grave advisement!

Today the original Oplingers, as we’re calling them, are off to their first Badger game thanks to mom and dad’s smart thinking and generosity, and I’m home with Tess hoping to plow through the mountain of work I have for the weekend. Can it be accomplished in one day? To be continued…

Tess’ whirlwind debut continues this morning, when we break to go to the White family brunch! She’ll get to meet Great-Aunt Judy and Uncle Duke and a host of others before we have to come home and be serious. Despite having to work all day, I’m enjoying the overflow of family. 🙂













2 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. SKYPE!!! is a great way to have family who is far away still be connected. Wendy and my mother-in-law Skype ever Wednesday evening. We have done this ever since we moved 4 hours away (almost 3 years ago). Just set up a day and time and stick to it as best as you can. It has not taken the place of the occasional phone call but Grandma gets to see and hear about how Wendy is doing in school. Also e-mail is fun as well even though Tess Can not type words or read yet. I would let Wendy bang on the keys when she could not talk. Once she could I would let her dictate to me and send e-mails to my mom. When the response would come in I would read them to her. All great ways to stay in touch with those who are always in our hearts but not always able to be with in hugs reach.

  2. Fist of all, you should know by now to always put Sammy in the crib! haha 😉

    Secondly, “bring the cuteness” is such a delightful understatement for the pics of Tess!

    And third… well, I am a huge mess of jealousy and thankfulness! I wish so much that I could come see you all in person (some day, I know, but it is so hard to wait!)! And I am so thankful and happy to have this site to turn to for updates and the most adorable pictures and captions ever!

    Hugs, hugs, HUGS!!!

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