Perfect day

The kids woke up happy today, and so did I. We ate a little something at 7ish, then talked to Sassy for a little bit. Tess heard her voice and her little face lit up: because it was Sassy, and because the phone finally clicked with her as a communication device with a person at the other end. The only trouble is now when I pick up my phone for any reason, she yells,


with total joy and abandon. We’re working on the finer points.

Dave ran out for some groceries, and then we threw together a raspberry coffee cake while the kids took a morning snooze. We tidied up the downstairs and read quietly while sipping hot coffee. can we please talk about what a huge indulgence that is?!

Right around the time Tess woke up, a new friend arrived for a lazy brunch. She brought her 3-year old son, who awed Tess. She kept trying to share food and toys with him! This improvement brought to you by our friend Liam, who illustrates social skills to our tiny tyrant on many occasions. Alison met my parents in a restaurant, and mom decided we should be friends. Seriously. This happens a lot, and usually doesn’t go anywhere. (Sorry mom.) I think this may be a serious exception. Our kids played well together, we kind of potlucked a lovely little nosh fest (she brought Spanish tortilla, Dave made awesome bacon and we bought fruit salad. I said lazy!) We talked about subjects that usually get awkward, like religion and adoption. All were totally comfortable and we saw eye to eye. Her son fell asleep on her lap while our kids bummed around in the bristle block lake. Socializing like that isn’t even painful! We waved goodbye as they headed out into a breezy little snowfall, then had a quick chat with Moplinger and Poplinger. Tess was ready this time, and immediately started a game of peekaboo. Then we tucked the kids in for a nap, tidied up, and planned our week.

I don’t know what a perfect day looks like to you, but this was heaven to me!

One thought on “Perfect day

  1. Es ist eine Freude zu sehen wie prächtig sich die Kinder entwickeln !!! Herzlichste Gratulation, Maggey und Dave!!!
    Maggey, auf dem 6.Bild fällt mir zum ersten Mal auf wie sehr dir Tess ähnlich schaut.

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