Party animal

Today some good friends threw a party in Tess’ honor – a coming out into the world party! Amazing food, people, gifts, conversation…and a whole morning for celebrating our amazing daughter. We knew it was coming; we knew the medical lockdown wasn’t forever. Still, walking into a room full of people with less worry was an incredible treat! We felt blessed to have so many people already rooting Tess on, and spoiled rotten by their displays of affection. It’s most definitely the beginning of another Tess era.

Tess, by the way, had one moment of shock at the volume and then was the belle of the brunch. She cooed and smiled and pretty much pretended she was like that all the time. It was adorable, and we were bursting with pride. Every once in a while, I see Tess through other peoples’ eyes. At this brunch, I saw a cherub; a chubby-cheeked china doll with bright blue eyes and the sweetest smile in the world. Being her mom is already the crowning achievement of my life.

Despite working over the weekend, I got to spend time with the original Oplingers and Tess the party girl. Post-fabulous brunch, we headed to my parents for family dinner with both sets of grandparents! Another monumental occasion. It was a raucous good time, and we showed them how fun – and cold! – the White family dinners really are. It was a glorious end to a fairy tale day, and we are ready to party on in to next week.





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