Paradise found!

After a full two days in the car crossing the country from North to South, we finally arrived in Florida. The first night got a little hairy. The kids had used up all of their good behavior, and completely lost their shit at the end of the second day. We were impressed they made it that long!

It turned out that for Remy to sleep in the big bed, Tess had to be sleeping next to him. She very kindly obliged, mostly because she was throwing a temper tantrum at the time and couldn’t argue. With him in the big bed, we could travel with one less item: a crib. Trust me, if you’d seen our car you’d understand why we were so excited! He’ll go back to sleeping in a crib at home, but at least that makes our journey here a little simpler.

Our first morning in the condo went much more smoothly. Everyone was in a good mood, exploring every nook and cranny of our temporary home. Dave and I worked looking out at the ocean, and Flamine and the kids played quietly in the condo. We ended Friday night with a nice long swim in the pool. The kids entertained all of the local residents as they ran all over the place and decided they really are swimmers. We left left Flamine in the pool for a moment alone. Well deserved!

A quick and painless dinner, talking the kids into bed with a story, and a television show before we went to sleep: it really does feel like vacation.

We’re meeting S on Monday and can’t wait. She seems excited to meet with us and we are hoping very strongly that that indicates we will have a new baby in the family soon. In the meantime, we’re watching the storm rolling in over the ocean with the babies. They love seeing the boats and the fish and all of the people on the beach. So do we.

We are settled in for the next few weeks, and are looking forward to exploring Florida with the kids. How many kids is the question. All of the distraction of moving into the kitchen at home, packing up a family of four or five, and driving down here was wonderful for keeping my mind on other things. Now, morning and night, I can’t stop thinking about our son.

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