One of many

We had a really difficult time choosing an agency this round. We’ve read reviews, taken recommendations, scoured the jnterwebs. We called, interviewed, evaluated documentation and compared.

Our priorities in selection include:
– the level of matching detail (from personality traits to medical issues)
– speed and helpfulness of staff in responding to us
– matching statistics (how many matches a year, how many disruptions, etc)
– reviews and business standing
– for-profit vs nonprofit (our preference)
– open to all religious and type of adoptive parent (gay, straight, single or married)
– how established
– gut feeling

Finally, we got it down to three:

– Independent Adoption Center
– Lifetime Adoptions
– OneWorld Adoptions

All of these looked like good options, but we gravitated onwards OneWorld as they seemed like a great fit on all fronts. It’s not the biggest or smallest agency, they’re very responsive, good stats, and we really like how they speak about adoption: non-judgemental, encouraging and realistic.

So it’s official! Contract is signed and we’re finishing up our homestudy paperwork. Woo hoo!

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