On the move

We’re on the move! Dave and I got up for one more day of hospital drama, while Rose and Tess stayed back at the hotel to explore waffles, combs and hotel baths when they got up. We walked into the hospital dazed and tired, but ready. After all of the headaches, our last morning went as smoothly as silk. The pediatrician came and spoke with us, and was lovely. The nurse on today remembered us and was much nicer. In fact, everyone seemed to be on their best behavior since I said

I need to call my lawyer.

the night before last. Not nice, but civil.

The caseworker was only a little late, the nurses ran our discharge like clockwork, and we got to meet the normal nursery social worker, who is delightful. I took the time to speak with her for a minute about the moments and people we enjoyed at the hospital and the moments and people that made us feel unwelcome. I tried really, really hard to do it with grace. Dave told me I managed that. We got Remy packed up and out the door, set up a pediatrician appointment in Naples for Thursday, and then tackled packing up the hotel room. Wow! Two kids and three adults do not travel lightly.

Then we were beating up a minivan on our way across the state, with two fussy but mostly sleepy kids and some shell-shocked but happy adults. I will admit, as I looked at crumb-covered, teething biscuit-clutching Tess beside me compared to Remy just ahead, I gulped. When did we get a big kid? I sense the dirty car and grimy hands days are almost upon us, and wince for my everything. Tess is huge!

Condensing the emotional roller coaster of an adoption into 48 hours may not be easier than the drawn-out, NICU version we’re familiar with – just different. Getting to be with K and seeing our son come into this world still fills me with awe – and the hospital experience still makes me mad. But we’re here, on the other side. Tonight the grandmas join forces for good, and not a minute too soon. 🙂 We need all the help we can get!

Dan’s here! the grandparent triad is complete. As I suspected, we got to Naples and were greeting by Susie, Kathy and mom. Having people celebrate with us and seeing them snuggle with Remy make me melt. We ate, laughed and told stories way too late – so a fantastically normal re-entry. Here’s to a week with our kids and parents! 🙂

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