Old, new, painful and delightful – all in a few days

It’s been a big week. We started in our new Up North getaway that I can’t imagine ever giving up; which led to the first day of school in every flavor (new to school, new school, old school new teacher, old school old teacher again), a disruptive in the extreme changing of the guard on team Oplinger, first school bus, return to “normal” because the kids are now used to the school routine. This is opera preseason, so it almost feels like back to school for me too.

And then it’s the way, way-back machine. Elise, our au pair from years ago, came back to visit. She’s brought laughter, nostalgia, warmth, snacks, and a gentler take on life back to our house. It’s been wonderful and tearjerky all at once, to reflect on how broad our family is through these amazing women who help us thrive. As we sat around the table tonight with some neighbors who hosted Elise’s bestie Pamela (who we also adore), I got to think about all of the awesome people in this city that I don’t get to see regularly, but know will be great friends someday.

What I really love about our life here is the compounding great people, the great culture of supporting one another and giving back to the city. No matter how dark it gets, how overwhelmed we feel, we come back to the knowledge that we’re going to find our way through, with joy and kindness. So the Midwest is awesome. 🙂

How we packed all of this into a week is beyond me, but we’re seeing a better approach to homework, more time with each other, and a return to routine in our future. Wish us a fun fall – we’re optimistic!

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