Now we’re a household of 10

Ha ha! Scared you, didn’t I? Manny is coming to spend a few final days with us before she goes home, so we’re ramping up for some quality time before we have to say goodbye.

It’s finally warming up here, and the kids have been wild to get on bikes and out to the park every minute! I blew Tess’ mind when I reminded her that school would be out soon and she’ll be a first grader in the fall. (She’s hard to startle – I will admit I was smirking.)

So we’re transitioning to the season of bubbles, barbecues and later bedtimes. I love snow and winter, but the soaring sense of freedom we all feel when the sun comes out for real is addictive. And it’s not just us – our family and friends are coming out of hibernation as well. What better way to celebrate the season changing than to enjoy it together?

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