Not in charge

This trip has provided me ample opportunity to practice not being in charge. I don’t speak the language, I don’t know the history or the sights, I’m unfamiliar with how to go about getting around, and I’m not responsible for making any of the decisions. In some ways, that’s restful. In other ways, it’s a great reminder of just how often Dave lets me lead. (Thanks, love!)

We had a miscommunication with the guide this morning, which I found frustrating. Colin was fine, dad was working – and I got frustrated. I was a passenger for so many years of my life that I now find being in the passenger seat very difficult – even if its good for me!

Tess has apparently been a bit under the weather at home. Dave hadn’t bothered me with it because he knew I’d freak. I guess she was inconsolable yesterday until she got some Tylenol, after which she was fine. In the meantime, I got a wildly upsetting through-the-grapevine email from my mom first thing this morning that had me convinced Tess should be going to the hospital. She was convinced Tess wasn’t eating at all and wouldn’t stop screaming. Dave had cleared everything up by then (including confirming she actually ate tons, just not in the morning), but to be across the world and getting news like that is the perfect way to create a monumental mommy panic/guilt trip. Despite Dave’s reassurances, I can’t shake the feeling that I need to be home. As Dad said, you’re bound to get a hiccough at some point.

We’re off to the Jade Buddha temple and the French Concession! Home will wait a few more days. Dave just updated me and said Tess is doing great tonight. Maybe the first tooth twinges have decided to make themselves known, and just couldn’t wait for my return.

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