North Carolina update

Dave and I are headed to North Carolina! A good friend is staying with the babes, and we’re off to meet J.

Meeting a birthmom is scary. Will she like you? Will you make her feel secure in her decision, or will she worry you’re not the right parents? What if you can’t find anything to talk about? None of these have been an issue in the past, yet I still worry we’ll say something awkward or weird.

So I’m looking forward to a rare few days alone with Dave in a new city. We’ve rented an apartment and will have a chance to explore, sleep in and catch up on each other’s lives. Who knows? I may even get to read a book! 🙂

It poured last night and this morning, which dampened (I had to) our enthusiasm for exploring. We slept in, grabbed breakfast and are relaxing in a fun apt while waiting for our meeting with J. I am levitating with nerves and too much caffeine!

Last night we met J. She’s bright, mature, and seems ready to move forward with this adoption. We feel so relieved, and anticipate a wonderful match. We got to see a recent ultrasound while getting to know each other. So cool!

We also slept in the shortest bed we’ve ever experienced. Let’s just say the beautiful apartment can not make up for a great night’s sleep!

We came home to an incredibly tidy house full of toddler energy. Apparently Saturday was dreamy for Rachael; Sunday afternoon was not. We understood why when Tess totally tanked and came down with a fever this evening. Poor kid was spiraling into sickness! We’re glad to be home to nurse her back to health.

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