No naps, no nights

So apparently we can mark that one down as true! Ouch. Tess was up every hour and a half all night long. Sheesh! I will admit it, I was a rockstar and took one for the team. That kid owned us. Winner: not parents.

My coworkers and friends with kids were laughing at us yesterday. I said its a great conspiracy: new parents fear the sleepless nights. They survive those first few months and think, “oh yeah. I got this!” Kid hits a growth spurt and sleeps through a few nights? Awesome – we survived the worst of it! Experienced parents just smirk. When the baby starts up again with the 3 am feedings? New parents break down, and suddenly get the chorus of, “get used to it!” What?! Tess is almost 4 months old adjusted. There’s a chance she’ll grow out of this by herself someday. Now would be good!

It’s a movie-worthy fall day today. I’m sitting in the kitchen with a steaming cup of coffee facing the park, which is exploding with reds and yellows and toddlers in new coats. Tess came by for a snuggle (escorted by Natalie), then was taken out for a walk. It’s Friday, and I’m lazily thinking about dinner with friends followed by – gasp! – a weekend where our plan is NOT to plan.

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