No baby, baby!

Tess is having her first sleepover at Sassy’s. That’s right – we are away from our baby. Poor mom and dad have Grace and Katherine, too, so their house is full of babies again! We’re a little worried about the germ issue, but we’re at the very end of the medical lockdown and thought we could chance it. Mom and dad are treating her like a princess and sending us updates. I feel silly, but they do make me feel better.

Paul’s show at Second City is playing Fridays this month, and we could not in good conscience miss his debut as an assistant director and comedy writer. So we set up the sleepover and drive down for a night in the town. Last minute barely covers it. We set up dinner with my sister on the way down, didn’t print our tickets for the show, booked a hotel room late last night, and touched base with Dave’s brother for brunch tomorrow. Phew!

It’s amazing how fun it feels to be out in the world, and how much we want to turn around and go back to Tess at the same time. I know my parents are great at this; we’re not worried about her at all. In fact, it’s fun to have her do a cousins’ sleepover! Still, we miss the snugglebutt already. Way to recharge the parental batteries!

One thought on “No baby, baby!

  1. Good for you guys. Second City that is great. I need to get tickets at some point for me and Josh. Doing the Date night is great too. Having family close it a wonderful thing. Tess will thank you later for all the memories she builds with Sassy and her cousins. I know Wendy my 8 years old loves when she gets to stay at Grandma’s house. Those memories started early when she was little just like Tess.

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