New Year, new match!

After the heartbreaking end of our first match, we really struggled coming home empty-handed and going through the holidays without a baby. Even though we matched quickly, once you are matched, the expectations of what the rest of your year will look like follow. We had big Christmas baby dreams and got the kids already for a sibling. I’m convinced Tess is still confusing Jesus with the baby we were supposed to have.

We had a wonderful holiday and really enjoyed our time with the kids. Which is great, because this weekend we got called with a new match! We’re still feeling a little nervous after what happened last time, so we will keep you posted but we’re also going to keep you in the dark. This way if anything goes wrong, less of our heart is on our sleeve. And if everything goes right, we will actually get to experience the joy of having a surprise!

So we will tell you that early May should be really exciting. Please cross your fingers for us and wish us the best. Spring seems far away right now, but we know it will come quickly. Our expectations for the rest of the year are already blossoming. As we run around the house testing out different names in our mouths, we’re dreaming about holding a child late at night during a feeding, of teaching Tess and Remy how to hold a bottle, and of pulling out the baby gear. What a wonderful spring that would be!

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