Muggy Sunday

Well, Tess decided to be an early bird this morning – knowing we’d stayed up way past our bedtimes last night, so she could maximize our exhaustion. 6am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, she refused to go back to sleep. So there we were, drinking coffee and watching Downton Abbey at the crack of dawn in our pjs. I was SO glad that Dave woke up too – solitary crack of dawn is kind of miserable, even with a kid I adore! BBC comedy on no sleep on a weekend morning hurts slightly less.

Still, Sunday is Sunday! A friend stopped by for coffee, and then mom, Brigid and I went to a big baby clothes sale. We walked in and I saw Brigid’s face light up just as I blanched. Shopping – freaks me out every time unless it’s a bookstore! Still, mom did a great job of finding some cute things for Tess as she grows. She said my face was priceless; I bet. We had some giggles over exactly how fast Tess will grow. I had to point out that she’s doing great, but she’s catching up to the average – not Katherine and Grace!

Our little shopping trip was such a nice reminder of what future family adventures will be like. Knowing Tess and her cousins will see each other all the time (once she’s past the bubble girl phase), that Dave and I have so many parents around us (for advice on everything from spitup to strollers to sleeping) – it makes me happy. I want what we grew up with: family and friends who see each other all the time, enjoying family dinners and Rockwellian holidays, and adoring and enduring the many escapades of said family members with laughter and hugs!

Dave hung out with Tess and programmed all afternoon, and I sorted out our kitchen wish list. Then we were off to family dinner. We’ve all decided Fran is now a permanent Sunday dinner participant. Period. Gotta happen. Also, Sue Erlacher is now officially Susu for all family kiddies! I love it, and think it’ll be easy for everyone to tell her and Aunt Sue apart.




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