Mommy down

Jess got here yesterday! Natalie came to watch the kids so I could pick Jess up and go to lunch with one of my best friends in the world. We normally see each other once a year, but it’s been longer than that this time – so she hadn’t met either of our kids. We ate at Alterra, and got to chat and relax. As we exited, I suddenly felt sick. Really suddenly and really sick. So sick I hurled into a flower bed because I didn’t have time to find a better place. So there I am, on the busiest corner in Bay View with my long-lost friend, mortified and shaking. Delightful, what our children share with us.

Jess being Jess, we ended up laughing about it – which is why we’re friends. We sat on opposite sides of the room for the rest of the day, drinking ginger ale and with her taking care of Remy. Tess wouldn’t nap at all, but other than that seemed hugely improved. I felt fine after the morning’s mishap, but then I tried to move. Gulp. So we sent the healthy members of our group out for dinner with the fam, while I tucked Tess into the upstairs playpen and crawled under the covers with two heavy sweaters on, teeth chattering. Fortunately, her exhaustion caught up with her and she crashed early and slept late this morning. I’m relieved as her mom, because she’s been exhausted. I’m relieved as a sicko, as it gave me a chance to sleep myself!

Dave, whose burnished halo sits pretty jauntily on his head at the moment, slept downstairs with Remy so they wouldn’t get sick and I could sleep this nasty bug off. Remy did not do his part; he cried nonstop all night. I even heard him up here! Poor Dave went to work looking fairly broken. I wonder if he regrets saying,

But honey, I get to be the hero!

when I pointed out what a rough night he’d have ahead of him. This morning we debated which was worse: being sick on a busy street corner with no warning or being up all night with The Siren, as we’ve taken to calling our son. I honestly am not sure.

So I feel way better, the fever seems to have abated, and I’m praying I’m well enough to show Jess a good time, beyond saltines and ginger ale next to a playpen. Jess and I have tickets to Rufus Wainright tonight, and I’m determined to go! I am also relieved to say the boys will be over to prop Dave up tonight. I think he’ll need it.

2 thoughts on “Mommy down

  1. Wishing you healthy by Friday …hope the concert was incredible!!!
    On the bright side, always good to cleanse the old system! Ease back into eating….
    Wishes for sleep and peace! Love mom

  2. Being stalked by a “Jess-a-saurus”?!! THIS is what you’re writing about me on the blog?!!!
    hahaha! For the record, Tess LOVED being stalked by this dinosaur. So THERE!
    Love you all!
    Jess xoxo

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