Mommy dearest

So Tess is making me exasperated and flattered by only sleeping in my arms today. If she’s in bed or the swing, she’s crying. We won’t make this a habit, but if the worst thing I have to do right now is hold my snuggly daughter, I think I can manage. 🙂

We were marveling over dinner that her ears now have cartilage. I know – ears. We’re absolutely idiotic! But when Tess was born and during her hospital stay her ears were so floppy the top part would get stuck to the bottom part and stay that way. That’s how bendy they were. And now, they’re pert and adorable and we couldn’t make them fold in half if we wanted to! It’s fun to notice the tiny signs that our kiddo is growing.

3 thoughts on “Mommy dearest

  1. I can only imagine how over the moon you’ll be when she starts talking and walking…but for now, let us celebrate…ears!! 😀

  2. I appreciate that you guys are busy being wonderful new parents, but it’s been like three days since the last post and I think on behalf of everyone, I will say, WE ARE HAVING TESS WITHDRAWLS!!!! The every-so-often blog updates are going to be hard to get used to! xoxox

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