Mistaken identity

Dave was comforting Remy last night, but didn’t totally wake up – so he was actually rubbing my back and whispering,

It’s okay, Remy.

in my ear, which successfully kept me on the verge of unconscious until I realized the relaxing hand and voice I was enjoying were not actually making the crying next to me stop. Oh boy.

I keep thinking this twilight blear will be gone after a night’s sleep. Really, how hard can this be with our parents getting up with Tess, mom making meals that rival a fine restaurant’s, and help doing everything but brushing our teeth?! Well, we’re about to find out. It’s our last day in Florida before we head back to the great tundra of the North. Any fatigue we’ve felt up til now has been the cute kind of tired. Going home means sleeping in our own beds, but also means no extra hands on deck. I’m excited to unpack the suitcases of foreshadowing, but dread the chaos.

We’re not fools. We knew we were biting off a huge chunk of crazy with two little ones so close in age. Still, let the games begin! Being in Florida, with parents, on leave, able to sleep in after a rough night and be taken care of – it’s made our time here seem slightly dreamlike. I told mom it’s like the four-star newborn experience! We’ve made beautiful memories and gotten time with our families that we don’t always get to enjoy in such abundance.

Most importantly, our kids got time with their grandparents. Dave and I come from awesome families, and there’s nothing better than sharing our little people with our big people.

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