Meeting the Maybe Birthmom

We officially got a face-to-face with S Monday! She’s sweet, funny, loves being a mom and is so ready to not be pregnant. We talked about parenting toddlers, feeling inspired at work, sibling love-hate relationships and Irish twins. She’s got a great smile, is well-spoken and is a great listener. We really like her.

In our current situation, we can only hope she likes us too! Before sitting down, she was just a profile and a disembodied voice on the phone. Now, she’s someone we’d be happy to have in our extended family. She seemed relieved to meet us as well, but only time will tell how this plays out. Waiting is getting harder by the day – for all of us!

Today we go to her ultrasound appointment. Here’s hoping it’s our first view of our baby boy!

–update: the appointment was cancelled. Here’s hoping this isn’t as bad a sign as we think it is. 🙁

In the meantime, we’ve got our Florida rhythm. We get up, make coffee and feed the kids. All of us are still in awe of the ocean just beyond the porch. After gazing out at what Tess insists is a lake, we take our coffees to our respective work location (bedroom for me, porch for Dave, living room for Flamine) and get down to business. At noon, we grab lunch together and get back to it. After work, we run down for a late afternoon/early evening swim in the pool or at the beach. Then one of us gets dinner going while the other cleans up the two sand monsters. The kids crash after inhaling their food – must be the sea air! Parents crash shortly after. Repeat. Other then the impending momentous decision that’s not in our hands, it’s a peaceful and fabulous life. The kids are in heaven!

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