Lunch and launch

We had a shockingly late start to the day. In our defense, we had to get packed, feed baby, and do all of those little things that crop up on the last morning in a hotel. I find with a baby, I should just assume everything will take at least twice as long. I suspect this time allotment grows with each additional child.

On our way to the post-wedding lunch, we took a meandering path through snowy country woods. In hindsight, I’m delighted. The countryside was so silent and peaceful; it felt like we were the only people making tracks. Getting in a few minutes with my French friends (Sabine’s friends, but who’s counting?!) at lunch made up for the limited time I felt I could spend with them at the wedding while I ran up and down for Tess. The poor bride and groom didn’t sleep at all!

We learned that, in leaving the wedding early at midnight, we’d missed traditional Breton dancing and a fantastic blessing tradition with the biggest brioche I have ever seen. Apparently, the groom’s mom comes from an area with a history of baked goods and traditions I’d happily participate in forever. I’m now even more interested in moving to Bretagne than I was when I first went there!

We slept, we packed, we drove, we brunched (also fabulous!), we said goodbye and we took our leave. Saying goodbye to France and my friends always makes me cry. Jean-Luc starts it off and I wrap it up! Still, Tess and her French family got to meet each other, and that makes me incredibly happy.

Then it was up, up and away! We were almost rerouted for our landing, which is not the best news at the end of an overseas flight with a baby, but got in just under the weather warning. We’re now in Florida for some last-minute family business, but that means we get to hang out with the bride and groom, believe it or not! For Dave and I, it’s back to work. For Sassy, it’s a week as a full-time grandma nanny. Then home again, where we’ll wait for Deuce to make his appearance. Not a bad way to go! We’re back in the USA, ready to pick up the pieces and dive back in. Who knows what will come next?

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