Lost Day

Today got away from me. No sleep for two days therefore an exhausted puddle of a mom, a giant diaper explosion after her bath, tummy troubles for Tess despite the disaster and we lost Internet. I spent half the day waiting for project info that never came, and when I gave up and tried to take a quick nap – which I never do – I got woken up. To make matters worse, a minor bathroom snafu means we lost a day of progress upstairs and the new nanny decided to work as an ESL teacher instead.

Now the upside! Dave could sense before I even crawled out of bed that I was a bit broken and made me a coffee in my funny mamma mug. The gesture was even more soothing than the caffeine. Tess is eating well again, and clearly feels worlds better after a thorough poop cleanup and some serious bonding time. The Internet being out means forced downtime, which by mid-afternoon made me almost cry with relief. Sleepy girls! Stella got an extra walk, and I had another concert to look forward to tonight. Dave and I even squeezed in a quick dinner to decompress, an still saw the opening band. Twice in one week! Crazy. Tomorrow I head to the office, and I miss Tess already just thinking about it. Hump day has taken on new meaning.

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