Little bird

Hey little bird,

We’ve had a really rough year, waiting to find you. Our hopes go up and down, up and down. You’re coming; we know you’re coming home. We’re just running out of patience. Please, please come soon. 

Summer is coming, and we’re planning lots of fun trips and activities to keep us busy. We’ll be outside a lot, which is good, because I have to pass your empty nursery every time I leave our room. Tess and Remy know it’s the baby’s room, too. They’re fascinated by it and see how I avoid it. It’s becoming a thing. 

We’ll be okay, waiting. We love you already and love each other. But we’d really like to meet you, to get back to the laughter and the joy of a new child in our house. We’re ready to move beyond the silent nursery and into the midnight squalls. We won’t complain about interrupted nights or colic. We’ll remember what this wait felt like. Promise. So just know that we’re ready  for you whenever it’s time, and every ounce of our wishing is directed to wherever and whenever you are. So little bird, just get here when you can. We love you. 


I wrote this last week, as I calculated a fall baby if we were lucky. We’re trying to be upbeat, but I wrote with anguish. Yesterday morning we got called: a birthmom in Arizona picked us! And she’s due on June 2 – right at the end of our visit to the Southwest. We’ll start in Salt Lake and see Tess’ birth family, then hopefully go meet our next child! The baby is not cooperating on scans, but they think it’s a boy. We don’t care about gender; we’re so excited!

This mom sounds lovely, but I’ll wait to tell you more until it happens. 36 weeks today! So I’m requesting everyone say a little prayer, hold your breath, and send us luck. Ours is not the heaviest burden, but it would still be nice to put it down. 

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May you know that we and others are thinking and praying for you. Wishing you the Lord’s blessings.

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