Lilou turns two! 

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. But our kids are just falling in love with it. So as my dad did with fishing for us, I’m getting my game face on. I can grin and bear this holiday for a few decades for my kids. Fine.

To further complicate things, trick or treat this year fell on Lilou’s second birthday. First birthdays may be a bigger milestone, but second birthdays are my favorite. They’re just old enough to realize the cake and hoopla are for them, and usually figure out presents around the same time. Lilou was beside herself with joy, and kept singing “happy birthday” to herself afterwards. I was beating myself up over a Pinterest fail (see below), but she kept staring at that damn cake and saying, “petit chat?” (Little cat?) in total amazement. The bar is comfortingly low at two.

Lilou loves books, buttons, babies and shoes. She got a stroller and a princess from Sassy and Poppi, which she cannot be parted from. We sold out and got her a remote control. Bliss (for her). The kids are all enjoying the new toys, but our baby girl’s face when she realized she didn’t have to share with anyone was hilarious.

So we’ve officially got kids at 4,3,2, and 1. Would you believe me if I told you it wasn’t as crazy as it sounds?

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