Life reboot…or not

Well, today started with Dave leaving for work and me handling a crabby, not sleeping Tess. Somewhere in there I conferred with mom on the house, met some new neighbors, got Tess to poop/eat/sleep in that order, and made plans for my first day back at the office tomorrow.

Dave dove right back in at work. His balance won’t go wonky until tomorrow, when he works from home with Tess for the first time. I’m actually a bit anxious about what tomorrow will be like for me in the office. We’ve had a lot of corporate changes during our absence, and they haven’t been real until now. Also, I’ll miss Tess!

I saw a few girlfriends for drinks tonight, then suddenly realized how bone-tired I was. Maybe the exhaustion they warn me about isn’t immediate but a slow, torturous slipping of rest. Uh oh! We headed upstairs for the evening and realized that we have no Internet anywhere and no power to our bedroom. So rather than sit in the dark, we’re camped out in the kitchen! Nothing phases us anymore. A night with no tv, Internet, or electricity in the room we live in makes us focus on Tess and each other. 🙂

On that note, captions and photo sorting will follow on the morrow. Also, I bet he’ll get you all some video too. Enjoy our tummy time!







3 thoughts on “Life reboot…or not

  1. Tess is incredible!! She would normally be born in the next days and then it would take days to pick up her head! She is so strong and she is soooo beautiful!!

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