Our fridge is full. Full to the brim. Maggey has been banished to a beach for the better part of a week and you would think that no one believes that I can cook or buy groceries! But, do not take the as a complaint — not in the slightest bit! I love outpouring of attention and concern for us in Maggey’s absence! From Sassy, the bringing of meatloaf to the Max and Patty, makes of grill cheese and soup, Tess and Remy have had a busier social schedule than they could have possibly imagined!

Despite the boss being gone, we have accomplished a huge number of things! Here are some the highlights (though not all are cute):

  • We had a fun time with the extended nerd Uncles on Thursday and Friday
  • Swam around the pool on floaties on Saturday (Tess was especially self sufficient, Remy was just happy he didn’t sink like a stone!)
  • There was an evening of ruckus and mayhem and dress up with Liam
  • We invaded the public museum to terrorize the butterflies
  • We slammed Remy’s finger in something (as yet undiscovered)
  • He may, or may not, have eaten a Band-Aid. I’ll confirm in a few hours
  • We had meatloaf extravaganza with Sassy
  • And we danced to the entire soundtrack of Frozen no less then seventy-four times.

Tomorrow we welcome Maggey back home in time for bedtime. I am counting the hours. Every. One.

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