Tess had a leap day yesterday, where I watched her get more advanced between breakfast and bedtime. She went from being able to pull herself up in the crib to being able to pull herself up anywhere, including on the not-so-stable toy support with the cutie crocodiles – no easy feat! She’s standing without support for seconds at a time, and even took a few steps using said prop, with no support from me, and cruised a little. She tried the stairs up and down, learned to touch grass without freaking out, relaxed in the swing, and got more comfortable with a sippy cup. I’m so glad Lexie was there as a witness!

Remy is more awake every day, and seems like he’s in less pain – not that it stopped him from howling for hours yesterday. He decided Tess’ bath time was an ideal opportunity to act like I was beating him. Lovely. Maybe it’s my fault for attempting sequential bath time. When Remy got his turn in the water, Tess kindly drove me crazy by locating every item that wasn’t baby safe in both bedrooms and the bathroom and ended up in her crib so I could be sure she was safe – so equal opportunity frustration. I marvel at the knowledge that in only a year or so Remy will be doing all of the things his sister is mastering now.

Due to house stuff, a slowly redeveloping social life, errands and the kiddies, this week flew by. We’re celebrating Dave and Lexie’s birthdays tonight, as I was determined to do something nice for Dave this year. We have no space and no grill, but we’re getting barbecue from a favorite spot and the workmen kindly cleared the basement for one weekend so we can revel in what will be, someday.

One thought on “Leaping

  1. Happy Birthday Dave !!!
    The auto pilot is awsome ! love it
    Have a nice brithday week-end,
    Sebastien & Sabine

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