I remember, pre-Tess, worrying about weekends. I love my sleep, and lazy weekend mornings made me a happy lady. I figured once we started a family that luxury would be gone forever. When Tess decided to get up at 6 this morning, I was sad. Theory confirmed. But I was wrong!

I went downstairs with sweet, sleepy baby girl and got her set up with a bottle. Dave followed close behind and made coffee while I got Tess’ breakfast ready. Dave took over feeding Tess when she decided the food really belongs in her hands, not her mouth. I burst out laughing when I heard,

Your tiny hands are no match for DAD!

We sipped our coffee and fed her yogurt mixed with oatmeal, followed by baby gymnastics, aka rolling around on the floor with a bottle. Then she got sleepy and it was naptime.

Suddenly, the two adults who felt like they partied hard due to lack of sleep and not much more found themselves sitting in a sunny kitchen having uninterrupted adult conversation. Showers were had, the internets were explored, the day planned…almost as if life were still this uncomplicated. Most important? it was only 8:30. Saturday morning maximized. People, it was yummy.

We ran errands and paid bills, but at a slow pace. Tess woke up and we got ready for a Europe trial run: baby as belly attachment. We popped her into a little pink coat and strapped her onto Dave. Then out we went into the winter wonderland! Tess seemed content bopping along, and Dave liked not having the stroller. We had brunch with friends who are considering adoption, and I spewed guidance and opinions in an uncontrollable torrent for almost two hours.

I wish I could contain my excitement and experiences when confronted with adoption newbies. It’s hard, seeing people struggle with the various options, risks, costs, choices, etc. These are good people who really seem ready to move down this path, and they’re feeling overwhelmed, which is normal. It’s a lot to take in. The sheer quantity of reading we did to feel informed impresses me, and I’m still gathering information!

After brunch, we got to take Tess out for a quick sledding and swing adventure with Liam, Patty and Max. She did the usual and poker-faced it despite the novelty. We all had hot cocoa and chatted the way I remember parents chatting when we were childless: no one got a full sentence out, sticky fingers and yells abounded, Stella was gleeful and terrified all at once and complete confusion reigned. We are so those people. Whoa.

Saturday is almost over, and we’re pleasantly tired. The 32-week marker attainment for Deuce is sinking in, and the fear and premonition-exhaustion we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks of waiting for the dreaded call is slowly relinquishing its hold on our sanity. We’re a family, a strong and happy family, and a few extra weeks in Florida won’t change that (but extra months might have!).

Today is one of those magical days that actually lives up to expectations, and as we sipped our hot cocoa looking out at the sled marks in the park, I realized that, while brief, moments like that do happen. It’s up to us to actually notice.

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