Dave and I apparently decided to labor over Labor Day. Not in a bad way, but our to-do list has grown extensively and needed some attention. We made a bunch of quiche for quick freezer dinners and to use up some of mom’s veggies, did laundry, dealt with adoption paperwork, cleaned out and organized closets, sorted Dave’s mystery boxes o’ stuff, did a goodwill run, paid bills, wrote thank you’s and watered plants. Surprisingly, we made a solid dent in the – let’s be honest; my – to-do list. Yay! To celebrate, we took Tess and Stella over to watch Adam’s kids go nuts in the pond at mom’s house.

These are never the most inspiring weekends, but it feels so good to check stuff off and see a tidier house. The beauty of it is we get a bonus day tomorrow! Tonight’s menu is inspired by a pound of myriad overripe tomatoes: Mark Bittman’s Indian-style tomato sauce and cinnamon apple cake. With mom’s contributions, the inspirational fresh produce is approaching overwhelming fresh produce, so we have to get organized. The recipes will keep coming!

Tess has a new party trick: the forearm prop-up. Her viewpoint is now considerably more interesting, and it’s an adorable photo pose – as if we needed encouragement. She’s smiling and laughing more too, and reacts to parental monkey antics. I fear our maturity level has taken a hit for her entertainment. No biggie. Thank go she’s entertained, because her nap/eating schedule has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. We threw up our hands today and fed her when she was hungry. Tomorrow’sanother day! Otherwise, we hope every one’s enjoying the three-day break as much as we are. 🙂

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