Killing tinkerbell

I write this while fuming over the delighted laughter come from Tess and Remy’s room at naptime. They’re right at that stage where they can’t give them up but they don’t want to keep them, which means hyper, giddy, exuberant kids at naptime and exhausted, screaming kids at dinner. My favorite.

Lilou, the sweetheart, is curled up happily watching the musical whale glow – despite her rowdy neighbors in the next room. I’m considering breaking up the dynamic duo and matching each big to a little: girls’ room and boys’ room. Here’s where I kill Tink. You see, Tess and Remy love sharing a room and have done incredibly well together…until now. That makes dressing, diapers, and bedtimes way easier. But this nap nonsense is making my head explode.

The whimsy of watching a pillow fight on spy cam does not actually soften my stone heart. The giggles and book sharing, done by delighted dashes from one bed to another, does not melt my resolve. Those sweet, random conversations and play acting sessions can’t stem my burning need for NAPPING AT NAPTIME!

We’re at the end of my last week of maternity leave. Field trips, play dates, meals out, one adult on four kid practice for David/Joy/me/Elodie have happened. Laundry is getting done, meals are getting cooked (or not! Thanks for the amazing lasagna, aunt Sue!), and the fragile bones of our new routine are poking through the ravaged vestiges of our former life.

Time is the absolute #1 commodity here, and I suspect we’ll be saying that for a few decades. 🙂 AND NAPS!

In the meantime, while we weren’t looking, Griffin turned three months old and Lilou turned ten months! They’re huge.

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