Kiddie chaos

I had a novel experience this evening. We’ve been feeling lame, so I invited my brother Adam’s family out for dinner at a local resto with a kiddie room. (Brilliant.) He brought a friend’s family with, and we just chilled out and ate while the kids ran around.

Here’s the wild part: I think I knew everyone in that room. Suddenly, we’ve hit that magical point where we are Milwaukee locals. That’s right: we own this place! I love it here, and all the way home kept telling Dave how lucky we are. Neighbors, friends of friends, friends of family – I love how friendly it is here, and how easy it is to find and fall in with people you like.

It also felt great to embrace the fact that I’m tired on Fridays. I don’t feel like throwing a dinner party or setting up a night at the opera. I just want to relax, chat with people I like, and remind my brain that weekends are for less thinking. So a roomful of people I know and like, dinner with the kids where no one is crazy, and home by 9? I may have a new weekend game plan. 🙂

Baby deuce? Still in at 31 weeks today! May the trend continue.

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