We started the day off in the most civilized manner possible: brunch. Dave and I shot out of the house before nine with Tess in tow and headed down to the Cafe at the Plaza, a family fave. We asked for a corner, and or those of you who haven’t been there isn’t a corner in the place. The gave us a great table in the courtyard though, so Tess could have her bubble. The waitress was oohing and ahing, and I thought, “Here it is. Like any parent, I get to revel
In how cute and perfect our sweet angel is. They don’t need to know she was a preemie or born in a different city; they just know she’s sweet and beautiful – and really, who doesn’t coo over a baby this size?! The whole morning was relaxing and NORMAL. Food for the soul. 🙂

I’d say Tess was the angriest baby I’d ever seen this afternoon, but I’ve seen her cousin Katherine in pain. So let’s just say she was clearly uncomfortable and screamed herself hoarse. I exaggerate: my ears are still ringing from being too close to the artist! This happened during the witching hour, but was so much worse than normal. Swaddling, snuggling, shushing, walking, jiggling, a walk in the stroller – no effect. We even did bicycle legs and tummy time for gas – no luck. I never fully understood how hard it was to hear your child cry. Eventually, she quieted down and seemed to feel better, but it left me a little shaken.

Today Dave and I sorted through all of the boxes in the house and started moving our stuff back into our room, with the contractor’s blessing of course. He must be good; even I’m stepping into line. It was grimy, grunty work, but we made huge progress! We cleared a bunch of stuff out, too, which is always refreshing. We had to make room for Tess’ growing box of too-small clothes!

After a day of dust and heavy lifting, we enjoyed our date night at the Tallest Man in the World concert. What a musician! And the audience rocked. When we got home, Tess was snoozing contentedly in Natalie’s arms. Not a bad night, all around. We’re getting better at putting our confidence in someone else when it comes to Tess. I still clutch my cell all night in fear of missing an emergency call, but I don’t expect one anymore. See, first-time mom is growing up, too.

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  1. Tess is BEAUTIFUL and so are you……love your writing! August 3rd immediately put me back 37 years like it was yesterday.
    Jean Custer

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