Hump day

Dave and I may actually be conquering this twosome thing. We got so much stuff on our list done, including an awesome visit with our homestudy lady, that we accepted a dinner invite to my brother’s house! For a year, we’ve had to say no to so much to protect Tess, and as we near the end of RSV season, we’re coming out of our shell and introducing both of our kids to our friends and family. What a transition! Tess hung out with her cousins and honorary cousin (Wyatt) and was totally scoping out what the big kids can do. She was also taking everybody’s toys. Smallest but not scrawniest? We’ll have to work on that, but tonight we just let her roll. I’m choosing to see it as the first of many such nights, some of which we can hopefully host so Adam and Brigid can relax too!

My to-do list is under control for now: books are put away, taxes are organized, babies’ rooms are somewhat organized, appointments are scheduled, and parents are readjusting to life with a lot less sleep. This success may be fleeting, but as we drive home I feel happy and complete. I always have a driving need to do something, to take the next step to wherever I want to go because the path always appears so long. Suddenly, my driving urges seem stilled. We have two beautiful kids and a home construction project that’s legendary. We have challenging jobs and fantastic families, great friends and a sweet dog. I didn’t think life could get this good, so I’m actually going to stop and enjoy it. For those of you who know me well, miracles do happen!

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