Home alone

So I’m figuring out that being at home alone with the two babies means:

– a lot of quiet time but not ever in a chunk larger than 15 minutes
– Tess, still reeling from sibling shock, is crying, crawling on me, and trying to take Remy’s stuff at all times.
– if I make a bottle for Remy, I should just make one for Tess. See above.
– mom will, no matter what, pop in when we are at our worst. Thank god it’s mom because I don’t really need an audience for this farce just yet, and thank god she randomly feeds children on her way out of town.
– the multiplying laundry now includes my clothes, as Remy likes to urp ALL over me, and Tess’ attempts at getting my attention mean egg and banana finger painting on the small spots Remy missed with the trickle down effect.
– naptime is bliss. One kid, both kids – don’t care. Still easier.
– if I leave the room to take care of crying Remy, I will then have crying Tess and crying Remy. A twofer.
– sleep is the hottest commodity I can think of. It’s all I can think of.

The rough moments only make up part of the day but take the most out of me. For example, Tess and Remy both howling like banshees for ten minutes as we strolled to the doctor and into the hospital. I had to grit my teeth. Then the quiet moments are me gasping for breath before both kids are yelling and hungry and poopy at the same time. Don’t get me wrong: staying on top of clothes, meals, naptimes, doctor appointments, errands, etc. is not impossible. Still, I’ve managed to coerce someone into helping me every day!

Monday – mom
Tuesday – Sue Sue
Wednesday – Lexie
Thursday – Lindsey and Sarah

It’s taking the edge off and letting me think I may want to fly solo a few more weeks. This

temporary stay at home mom

stuff just stretches me in different ways than the

working mom who gets to be clean for eight hours a day

stuff. So I’m learning how to balance our kids’ needs, how to clean the kitchen in a five-minute lull, how to help Tess adjust to big sisterhood and how to stay sane when I don’t even have time to finish my coffee. This kind of challenge makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. LOL. LMAO. WHEW!. and then I read it again. LOL, LOL. May I suggest a travel mug with a straw for the coffee, making more friends so the ones you have don’t get worn out, and ear plugs to muffle the charming demands.
    Seriously, why do you think I kept Darlene around. My multipurpose right hand woman.
    This is a tough adjustment time for all of you. Tess, especially, as she reigned as Princess Nuggethead for a year, and making room for a rival of her court’s attentions is rocking her world. It will get better, I promise.
    But ya know, if you had twins to look forward to, this all would seem minor….. Just saying….
    Love you kids and empathize. Really! (snicker).

  2. Huge cyber hugs being sent your way. It gets easier, you find your routine. Sometimes they both scream…and sometimes you feel like your head is going to explode. My trick was to put them both somewhere safe, and take a few minutes on the front porch and take a deep breath or two. Just far enough away where I couldn’t hear them.

    Now, I get to be the mom who has time to herself because my kids have a built in playmate. In a year that gets to be you:)

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