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What an amazing night we had last night! With my brother and his family in town for only a few days from Arizona, we just couldn’t bear to miss them completely. So, like last night, we went over to mom’s and avoided the house and being too close to poor mom, who I think is starting to feel like a leper! (she sounds a lot better. I think we’re almost back to grandma Sassy hijinks!) Well, we had Brett, Cheri and their 2 kids, Aunt Sue and Uncle Boo coming off of their youngest kid’s wedding Saturday (total win!), Erlachers the quasi aunt and uncle, and Adam and Brigid and their 2 kids! The dogs and toddlers were running around and the adults were cracking each other up all night long. I consider last night to be the epitome of family dinner. That’s what I moved home for, and I know that’s what made Dave totally fall for my family when we first started dating. The wine flowed, Brett astounded us with his restaurant-worthy grilling and we wrapped up with Dilly bars and burger-shaped cake to remind the Arizona cousins that Sassy has the best toys and desserts, so they really want to visit a lot. It was amazing fun!

We got home and I pretty much was asleep before Tess even got a bottle from Dave…and I woke up at 7:15 this morning. Thinking Dave had thrown himself through a night of feedings to let me sleep until I got my sense of humor back (we’re realists. I’m a monster on no sleep.), I shot into the nursery spouting apologies. He informed me that Tess SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Like, ate at 11pm and then didn’t wake up until 7am. Seriously. I’m still in shock! Now before all the parents out there injure themselves rolling their eyes, we realize this is probably a unique event. Still, wow. That’s what that feels like! I remember now. 🙂 She’s still a little pale but very alert all night at mom’s and this morning. She’s eating well and practicing holding her head up quite happily, so I’m going to control the NICU mommy panic and enjoy last night’s milestone.

This afternoon we hung out with Brett and his kids at the park. We kept Tess away from everyone, but it was lovely to sit outside, chat with Brett and Cheri and mom, and watch kids playing on the playground. Other than that, it’s been an uneventful day: diapers, feedings, reading, mom and the house, dinner at home…the kind of night we live for.






3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Das letzte Foto (Tess und Dave schlafend). Kann Dave seine Tochter verleugnen? Diese große Ähnlichkeit !? 🙂

  2. Wow! I missed a couple of great fam dinners. Nuts! Glad to hear Tess is a sleeper. You guys deserve that much! Things going well in Europe, see you Fri night. Love, Daf

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