Holding steady

K had a check up today. Deuce is going strong and the contractions are still stopped, so that’s a great bit of news!

Dave and I are uninspiring this week. We had a great dinner with mom and dad and Aunt Sue and Uncle Boo last night, where Tess grazed off of everyone’s plates, sampling beets and crab and a few other tidbits. The rest of this week has been low-key, which we’re enjoying. We’re planning the Europe trip (ambitious and tempting fate – we’re fools) and actually focusing on work – yay!

Tess is giggly and screamy by turns. We are not enjoying the latter, but are delighted by the former! Dave got an earful apparently while I went out for drinks with a friend. I came home relaxed and happy and saw a frazzled spouse. So many points to Dave! We’ve got two date nights this weekend that should cheer him up. So our news for the day is no news. A dream come true!

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