Haircuts and sippy cups

So things are quieting down after a week filled with more summer excitement than was apparently good for us. Too much fun is a real thing when all of the kids are little! Camp, ballet, piano, swimming –> crazy town.

We were easing into a simpler week when Tess caught us off guard and took off a hunk of her hair with a pair of scissors. She’s obsessed with haircuts, so none of us were particularly shocked. Fortunately or unfortunately, she has a lot of hair and the cut is almost invisible.

And Griff has been inconsolable all week, waking us between 3 and 5am screaming his head off. Teething – our favorite family pastime. Honestly, we were starting to worry because he wasn’t drinking either. (Suction from bottles and sippy cups hurts baby faces.) He’s had drinks from parent cups before, so we tried giving him an actual cup with a little milk. Boom! Griff can totally drink from a cup. And went to sleep without a pacifier for the first time. Good to know. We’re all learning! Also, Dave’s baby proofing the hardware drawer.

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