Growing pains – not just for kids

Is anything more uncomfortable or humbling than learning something new? As I settle into my new job, I’m remembering what it feels like to learn something from scratch, finding the amount of patience required and pacing myself for change.

Some of our kids handle a new learning curve with trepidation, hoping to avoid the steep climb. One handles a new challenge like a warrior, throwing down a gauntlet and refusing to lose. Yet another hates it, hates it, hates it until fully mastered.

Really, we adults aren’t so different. Sometimes I want to groan and bury my head in my arms when faced with a new scenario. But I relish the point when the new fabric starts to weave around me and I can sense the pattern unfolding. It’s a lot like learning music, or getting far enough into a book to get engrossed in the characters. So as Tess deciphers piano and Remy starts to decode words, as Lilou gets her numbers in order and Griffin attempts to use verbs, as Sylvie tries her hand at a spoon and talking; I will take courage from watching them tackle huge topics with awkward grace. I’ll forgive myself my imperfections, the same way I remind the kids not to be too hard on themselves. And I’ll remind myself that we can’t learn it all at once.

In the meantime, we’re also learning how to get 5 kids checked for strep in one day. Holy germs, Batman! Is spring here yet?!

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