Griffin is finally three

Because Lilou and Griff are only 7 months apart, I always feel like his birthday is eminent once hers has come – even though they are at very different times of the year. Griffin also acts a lot older than his age and is a big kid, so we often end up mentioning when his birthday will be because people always wonder how he could only be two.

But today is the day! The little man turns three. He remains the biggest flirt in any room, gives the best hugs and has the best hair on the planet. He is in love with his little sister, and I have found him pressing her foot to his cheek because he just can’t get enough. I don’t know if he’s that excited about being a big kid and a big sibling, or if it’s just Sylvie, but the love between those two is incredible.

Griffin has always known what he wants and doesn’t want, but he’s gone from very politely expressing himself to roaring displeasure from the rooftops! He is determined to get his way or at least attempt to drive us his direction, and if that doesn’t work his pouts are really hard not to laugh at. And when he’s happy, the dancing could go on for hours! His smile infects everyone around us.

Most of us only understand about half of what he’s trying to say, but he will repeat it with patience and fervor over and over again, even though that doesn’t usually help. He loves to help people and pick up, and will do almost anything if you yell “cat speed!” We made his whole birthday about PJ Masks, a TV show he may never stop loving. To have such a good hearted, sweet and headstrong child is delightful and exasperating, but always entertaining.

Griff could survive on fruit, carrots, bread and sausage. He thinks most green vegetables are an aberration of nature, and tomatoes are a special hell only someone crazy would actually eat. He calls milk “water”, and if you actually pour him a glass of water he will have a temper tantrum. Griff views birthday candles as the greatest treat on the planet, and will beat everyone to their birthday wish by helping them blow out the candles at every opportunity. Once he blew out the candles on his cupcake, he also blew out the “candles” on all of the birthday cards he got. Celebrations delayed him, and he seemed in all this last few days has been all about him.

As a special treat, we got to take the kids and Griff on a boat ride for his birthday night – they even got him cupcakes! Talk about an adventure. He went to bed with a Catboy from Joy and Marie in his arms, and a lake-inspired smile on his face.

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