It’s come to my attention that people think Dave and I are rabid environmentalists. I’m mildly surprised and more than a little flattered by this. I consider myself a lazy environmentalist: when it’s fairly easy, I take the greener path. I drive a non-hybrid SUV but with decent gas mileage and try to minimize unnecessary driving; Tess uses a disposable/cloth diaper combo that is earth-friendly, but also very parent-friendly; we try to eat fairly farm-to-table but don’t pay that much attention; we switched to reusable glass jars/containers over plastic bags because it’s cheap and handy; we make our own baby food when possible, but it’s way easier on our pocket books and Tess eats so little…you get the picture?

I know really ardent environmentalists, and respect them. For me, paying some attention is common sense. We do live here; paying attention to how we treat our environment is for me like treating public property with respect. It’s just not that difficult to clean up after ourselves. Still, I never considered us in that light.

Our blindness in seeing ourselves the way others do isn’t unusual, but in our adoption scenario that external view takes on a whole new weight. Will an expectant mom choose us because of our lifestyle choices? Would that appall someone thinking about us as possible parents? Are we extremists in that regard? I don’t know. As the proud parents of an almost 11-month old and the expecting parents of a newborn, those thoughts don’t weigh heavily on my mind at the moment. Still, I realize that I do file these observations away for later consideration in a way I never bothered to before.

Anyway, on to more important things! Tess had her therapy assessment today, and all went well. She’s still behind but making progress. Apparently, she’s making such good progress it inspired the therapist to ask where we found nannies with such a knack for therapy exercises. Go team!

Tess was super cute tonight…to me. She’s apparently going through a mommy phase, which I am eating up. Dave is less enthused. Still, if you look at the video we took you’ll see the edge is slight. She’s such a daddy’s girl. 🙂

Baby Deuce: still cooking. Do you think he was just messing with us? He’s on notice: he can come this week or after the 24th, but as of Friday the window is closed! (Think he’s listening?)

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