Gold star for grandma!

Well, we had a great whirlwind of a time in Chicago, and mom and dad knocked it out of the park. Mom even washed her clothes! They kept Grace and Katherine and Tess completely apart the whole time (no, I have no clue how. Yes, I’d love to know for future reference!). Tess was smiley and happy and ate lots. I’m getting more practice with letting people care for Tess slightly differently than we do without freaking out. The food thing sets me off, as every calorie still matters. But whether or not she’s swaddled, read to, jiggled, giggled – she’s happy, we’re happy. It’s always nice to check something off the list of firsts, even if this one was ours! By the way, blog photos and video brought to you by grandma and grandpa. they did a great job, and update us every hour or so. Mom was sure as was failing; we thought she rocked.

Then last night we were out with neighbors (I know, crazy weekend), and one mom mentioned her kid is 3 and has never slept over at a grandparent’s house! I felt better. We’re not totally nuts. We’re somewhere in the middle. 🙂

We closed out Sunday with family dinner, and got ready for the dual-income lifestyle to start up again. Should be interesting. Here’s hoping it’s a good week!

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