Going back to where it all started

This morning, we woke the kids up before 6am. Tonton Sam kindly escorted us to the airport in Chicago, where we discovered just how chaotic traveling with two toddlers can be! The staff were amazing, and helped us get around. I suspect Remy’s cast leg helped immensely. So did Joy!

The kids were beside themselves with all of the travelers, kids, shuttles, planes and stores. They loved every minute of our adventure! Joy loved sitting a few rows away from us. And Sassy saved the day with backpacks full of entertainment! (Smooth, mom.) the flight was uneventful. We forced the kids down for a late nap, tossed a screeching Tess through the shower, and bolted out the door.

We’re nervous about the upcoming adoption (pleasepleasepleaseplease…), and weren’t sure what to expect from our first visit to Micky and Kat. Our nerves made for poor planning. These two events may seem unrelated, but visiting the city where this madcap parenting adventure started as we will this third adoption to be successful is a hairy juxtaposition. What it was is awesome.

We were super late, which makes me crazy. Kat and Micky met us at the door though, and the minute we saw them we felt like no time had passed. Both looked so happy, beautiful and welcoming. Within minutes of hugging we were chattering away, Tess on Micky’s lap. So much has happened in all of our lives, and so little has changed in our relationship. They are sensitive, generous, and people I’m so proud for Tess and Remy to know as they grow. Dinner went by in a flash, leaving us so grateful we’re getting together Saturday too. Too fast!

As I watched Micky feed Tess and Kat read to Remy, I thought how wonderful and unusual our family structure is. And how cool! When it comes to love, the more the merrier.

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  1. Love these photos! Could the kids look any cuter?! It seems Remy gets around in his cast a lot better than his godmother! Atta boy!

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