Giving up and getting lazy

I’m not lazy or a quitter, for the most part. But I’m a huge believer in “the right person for the job”, so when we have tech problems in the house I throw them at my codemonkey husband. I had a bug in my computer for a YEAR that I hadn’t time to address. Dave took a go at it, but he hadn’t had time either. So as I sat down for my annual photo book extravaganza, I had delightful technical issues as I did last year. Then it occurred to me I used to be fairly adept at computer stuff, and handled it just fine before Dave. I dug around a bit and fixed it in half an hour. Was this quitting? Laziness? Or letting a strength get weak? One way or the other, I was delighted to remember that I too can solve problems.

This weekend, we got lazy on purpose. We looked at a looming pile of to-dos, and figured out the fastest way to get ’em done. Period. While we each value our independence and do have some overlap in our abilities, our very full lives are so much more fun when the laundry/groceries/gardening/tidying/shopping/prepping of Toplingers ARE DONE.

We had a lot going on this weekend, so we roped the kids into helping us get through the stuff above. And you know what? Their skill sets are growing now too. Griff handled the dishwasher, Lilou gardened all day (and didn’t throw all the seeds all over this year). Tess helped bring the cushions from the basement to the deck, and Remy put the bikes away. And that meant we could all end the weekend on the deck, eating grilled brats and pointing out airplanes and the sunset. Many hands make light work – so we all got to be lazy together for a beautiful night.

Laziness also led to an incredible birthday for Griff – one that rocked because we did so little. That boy desperately wanted Ian’s pizza and chocolate cake. Which my parents kindly picked up on the way over. So Dave and I did nothing but celebrate our kid, and gleefully cheer him into the next year. Sometimes being lazy is the right answer. 🙂

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