Girls’ day in

Well, we survived being home alone and the crazy work project! Tess and I were totally zonked yesterday. We teetered through the evening and collapsed early – so today we’re in better shape. Dave comes home tonight – yay!- and we’ll be sleeping in our room for the first time since March, when we slingshotted ourselves over to Salt Lake to meet our daughter. It seems appropriate: Tess is 5 months old today. I can’t say it was an easy day or a happy day; she was pretty exhausted and just wouldn’t sleep! But listening to her yell her head off and giggle and breathe made me a happy momma.

Speaking of moms, mine must’ve decided to go big or go home. In addition to our room, we got 2 bathrooms back today! Mom stayed all day sorting out lights and finishes and missing things, just generally keeping this iceberg of a renovation from collapsing. We’re inches away from starting the addition, at which point none of the workmen will be in the part of the house we live in right now. I’m looking forward to being able to make coffee in my pj’s! Mom is rounding out her day of turbo awesomeness by cooking dinner for Caela’s pre-Chicago return dinner. What better way to celebrate progress and family?






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  1. So excited to see how happy you all are and how beautiful little Tess is growing into full bloom! The house is coming together piece by piece and the love surrounding you all is wrapping you all in hugs. Enjoy! Love sassy

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