Getting away and getting home

Once a year, Dave and I take a few days to celebrate our anniversary. We’ve stuck close to home, traveling around the state, but this year we combined our getaway with my high school reunion in Michigan! The drive was beautiful at this time of year. We were excited to hit the road, and get some time to catch up with each other.

When we talk about the village that helps us raise our kids, it’s also the village that keeps us sane! For these couple of days a year, they give us a chance to catch our breath and come back refreshed. We would not be able to take a few days without knowing our kids were with people who love them and know how to take care of them. Joy and Marion handled school and swimming, and Sassy and Poppi took them to a Badgers game and to their favorite Halloween party. Mom even got them all costumes! Adorable of course.

As the kids get older, it’s turning into a parent conference as well. We spent the ride home talking about technology – when the kids can use it and how – and chores. We talked about homework, and making sure the kids can do that when they’ll do their best. Sometimes that means morning, not before dinner. Almost we’re figuring out what our routine is now that all of these new experiences are entering the world for our kids.

Tess can now tie her shoes. Remy is trying to be macho, but still needs cuddles. They’re asking questions about who’s tummy they grew in, and are starting to understand they have more parents than most friends at school. Thank god ive been reading! We talked about everyone’s moms, and kept it straightforward. They are falling in love with school, and it’s our job to make sure that keeps developing – and that they know who they are and who they come from.

Thanks to a long weekend full of programming, books and laughter, we’re back to the creative, flexible parents our kids need. Who knows what will come next?

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