Four kids: what changes

If invited to someone’s house, I don’t offer to bring an appetizer these days. If I do offer, and you tell me just to bring the kids, I bring them and immense gratitude. To those of you who’ve brought us dinner, had us over for a child-friendly anything, or have suffered through what should resemble a meal at our house recently – thank you. It’s wonderful to have moments of almost normalcy in the whirlwind of summer.

The frenzy is lightening up. We actually watched a movie the other night while feeding a baby, meaning we could stay awake past 9 pm. We did meal planning and grocery shopping today, which is normally what we do on Saturdays. (It helps that mom filled my freezer with all kinds of things. Best gift ever!) Swimming lessons, afternoons in the park, and limited play dates are coming back into our schedule. We might just make it back to sanity before September.

On that note, I have accepted a role with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra curating shared experiences. I’m thrilled! If you’re in town and attend the symphony, I’m dying to hear about your adventures. If you’ve never or rarely attended, please let me inspire your visit. You will not be disappointed!

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