Focusing on the good

With two frantically learning toddlers in the house (yes, Remy is slightly under age – but he acts like one!), the word “NO!!!” sees a lot of action. At times, it feels like that’s all that ever comes out of or mouths. So on good days, we try really hard to tell the kids how good they’re being for a change: to compliment eating with a fork, not screaming, playing together, saying thank you.

It’s as much for us as for them. As I told Dave this morning, I finally believe that parents are just as unhappy punishing their kids as the kids are to be punished! Last night was misery. The kids went to bed an hour and a half early! No idea what brought that on. This morning? Sweet angels. Go figure. So before they could change their minds, we gave them little Valentines and snuggled like crazy. That’s a good way to start a festival of love, if I do say so myself!

On that front, we had a parental chat about the conflicting views on February 14. I see it as a reminder to cherish the people we love – and I mean in the ooshy, gushy, want-to-make-out-with-them kind of way. Despite the “Hallmark” criticism, I think that kind of celebration is worthwhile. Dave took a moment to laugh at anyone who considers me a cynic. 🙂

So on my behalf, if you’ve got a lover, go give them a squeeze. And if you don’t? Do something kind for yourself. Life’s too short to lose sight of having fun!

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