First words

So Remy’s catching up to his sister. Tess’ first words were “chin chin!” (Cheers!) and “mine!” Remy’s include “whee!” And “encore!” (More!) These were closely followed by “chien”, “dog” and “woof!” Still obsessed with the dog. Anyone who believes personality isn’t somewhat established at birth does not share my experience!

How much his vocabulary is influenced by Tess is unknown, but I think it’s significant. I also think he wanted the word to ask for seconds! 🙂

Our busy weekend wrapped up with one glorious hour when everyone was asleep but me. That magical alignment gave me a moment to read a novel – gasp! – and regroup. Two prattling toddlers is adorable, but my obsession with a good book hasn’t vanished with my time to read.

On the adoption front, our homestudy is complete! We have our profile ready and the packets prepared for the referral agencies. Now things will get interesting! We’re curious to see if this will be a 2-week or 2-year waiting process.

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