First cold

The whole Oplinger family is down with a bug: sore throat, congested chest and nose, and tired as all-get out. Dave started it followed closely by Tess, and I’m bringing up the rear with a strong, crabby finish.

We are officially nervous, first-time parents. Tess has a cold. It’s day one and I still made Dave call the nurse’s line we get through work to ask when we worry.

Not now,

was the very patient answer. Well, at least we gave the nurses something to giggle about!

Our adventurous, happy baby has become a snot-filled, whiny ball of misery. I would do anything to make it better. Sadly, the things we do to make it better make Tess want to kick me in the face: snot sucker, Kleenex, extra naps – you get the drill. She has gotten really good at recognizing what she likes (Tylenol) and what she doesn’t (snot sucker).

We’ve done lots of cuddling, reading and just plain old walking around to comfort the littlest sicko. I eventually got creative when none of that worked and let her kick her feet in a sink full of warm water. A stroke of genius, I tell you. She couldn’t decide what she liked better: splashing or holding onto the faucet. Here’s hoping this is the normal cold I’ve been looking forward to checking off my list of fears, not the RSV that puts her back in the hospital. I joke, but I worry. What? I’m a mom!

Having the bug come in waves has let Dave and I alternate being the responsible parent and the one blissfully asleep. Everything is now colored by the fact that in a few short months, even a household cold will work differently!

As the relaxing holiday weekends wrap up, I’m satisfied: clean house, stocked fridge, family time, on top of work at the office, nursery organized and baby furniture ordered for baby deuce. The fact that we got in a little R&R is an amazing added bonus. I don’t know what I expected from Tess’ first Christmas, but it wasn’t first Christmas teeth and illness! Not the ideal scenario, but nothing ever is. For now, we’re going to curl up in front of the fire to revel in the weekend and try to communally kick this cold.

2 thoughts on “First cold

  1. 10 points to Gryffindor on behalf of whoever sent you the PeePee Teepees! My aunt gave us a bunch for Liam and holy mackerel – they were super useful. They reduced my risk of getting peed on by at least 80%.

    Happy New Year, and we hope you’re all feeling better soon!

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